What is Blue Scan?
Co-creating sustainable procurement
From the MVO Nederland Maritime Network, several top Dutch maritime companies joined forces to make procurement more sustainable. The role of procurement in the maritime sector is ever-evolving. The expected lifetime of a product is becoming shorter, while supply chains are becoming less transparent. With the increasing globalisation of business the need has arisen to look beyond cost-saving measurements. Over 80% of CPO’s recognise sustainable procurement as a trend. Key is to generate sustained profitability, economically, socially and environmentally. Boskalis, Heerema Marine Contractors, Royal IHC and Theunissen Technical Trading now collaborate to get to grips with this trend by creating a tool for sustainable procurement.
Different views, different procurement strategies
Parties in the maritime sector currently mainly act solitary when it comes to embedding sustainability in procurement processes, often leading to different interpretations and implementations of sustainability. Health and safety is often included in sustainable procurement, but are procurement officers aware of issues like bonded labour, supply of living wages or water consumption by their suppliers? Is it sufficient to ask a supplier to sign a code of conduct? Advanced levels of CSR, i.e. full integration of sustainability improvements in management systems, is rarely seen.
Bridging the gap in sustainable procurement practices
By aligning methods and collaborating through this platform the companies involved lift their sustainable procurement processes to a higher level. This creates unity and clarity for all parties concerning sustainability expectations and process implementation. Extensive adoption in the Dutch maritime sector will create world wide ripple effects throughout the entire maritime value chain.
Co-creating a tool for sustainable procurement
Within the ‘Sustainable procurement in the maritime sector’ project companies co-create a tool. This tool, designed and implemented by SmartTrackers, is an online application that allows companies throughout the entire maritime sector to execute assessments of the sustainability level of their suppliers. It contains a questionnaire that builds upon the project partners’ custom made methods and is aligned with international standards.
One standard, one audit
The tool enables information sharing amongst the maritime network partners. This means that suppliers only need to adhere to one standard and will receive only one audit request. The tool is embedded in a project framework that prescribes procurement process requirements to ensure a high audit or evaluation standard. This leads to efficiency gains. The project offers access to a well-founded sustainability method and a concrete incentive for sustainable choices in products and services for maritime suppliers worldwide.

The sustainable procurement tool for the maritime sector is a joint effort from the following Dutch maritime companies:

Supported by CSR Netherlands (MVO Nederland)
The tool development phase as well as tool and process verification have been concluded as of July 2017. The project is still open to new partners interested in co-development. After this time new partners can join to implement the method and share supplier information with sector leaders.
About international CSR in the maritime sector
The initiative ‘Sustainable Procurement in the Maritime Sector’ is part of an international CSR programme, funded by the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs. Within this programme, CSR Netherlands together with a group of companies and important stakeholders from the maritime sector, searches for social and technical innovations, new sustainable production methods and optimal collaboration with suppliers. The acquired experiences will serve as an example and inspiration for the sector as a whole and beyond, in other sectors. For more information, go to:
Blue Scan history

December 2014
Call for a unified procurement tool
Joost Rijnsdorp (Boskalis) called for a unified procurement tool for the maritime
sector. By aligning methods and collaborating through one platform unity and clarity is created for all parties concerning sustainability expectations and process implementation.
Project group was formed
In 2015 the project group “Borgen eigen waarde keten” was formed: Boskalis, ERIKS, Flinter, Heerema Marine Contractors, Royal IHC and Theunissen Technical Trading took the lead. They made an inventory of all existing scans and certification systems (e.g. ISO 14001) and also all the systems made by the company themselves.

Next step was making a wishing list of the subjects, that make it possible to identify the sustainability of the suppliers in the maritime chain. One of the wishes: a possibility to take your supplier in a learning curve, make it possible for them to become more and more sustainable per year.

January 2016
Project plan signed with MVO
In January 2016 the project plan “Sustainable Procurement in the Maritime Sector” was signed with MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands).
April 2016
Contract SmartTrackers
In April 2016 the contract between the project group and SmartTrackers (formal CO2 Management) was signed.
Structuring, testing and workshops
2016 was used for filling and structuring the governance of the website, let the reviewers Group do the testing, doing workshops etc.
Tool named Blue Scan
This continued in 2017 with Boskalis, Heerema Marine Contractors, Royal IHC and Theunissen Technical Trading. They choose the name “Blue Scan” for the tool.
August 1st 2017
Ready for use
August 1st 2017 Blue Scan was ready for use.
November 8th 2017
Official launch
November 8th 2017 Blue Scan is officially launched during the Maritime Week on the maritime exhibition Europort.